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Dec 08/Jan 09 “Tricon Homes”
Builder/Architect – Greater Houston Edition

Tricon Homes meets the higher demand for “green” homes by designing homes constructed with more recyclable, environmentally friendly products and more energy-efficient features. Click here to view article

“Tricon Residential Construction & Design”
Builder/Architect – Greater Houston Edition

Tricon Residential Construction & Design brings together the talents of brothers Tristan and Jose Miguel Berlanga, Each skilled in particular areas of the custom homebuilding industry. Click here to view article

09.01.07 “Dynamic Duo ”
Houston Intown Magazine by Alex Griffin

The Berlanga brothers-Jose and Tristan-are the creative force behind Tricon Homes, homebuilders who established a Houston presence ten years again with a company that continues to grow and gain market share.Click here to view article

03.01.05 “Tricon Development”
Houston Intown Magazine by Alex Griffin

All of us should be applauding the excellence, style and attention to detail found in the homes constructed by Tricon Development.Click here to view article

03.23.07 “Houston Avenue Becomes Booming Boulevard”
Houston Business Journal by Allison Wollam

A flurry of residential activity is taking place along Houston Avenue as developers and home builders scramble to snag the last remaining parcels of undeveloped land inside loop 610.Click here to view article

01.01.07 “Top Home Builders and Developers”
H Texas Magazine

Tricon was honored as a top homebuilder and developer by H Magazine editors. Click here to view the award

“Tricon Residential Construction & Design: Builds Success with Fascinating Architectural Concepts, Superb Floor Designs” Builder/Architect Magazine by Ronald Boyce Walker

Tricon Residential Construction & design brings together the talents of brothers Tristan and Jose Miguel Berlanga. Each skilled in particular areas of the custom homebuilding industry, their talents complement each other’s in a way that has driven business growth every year since the company was founded in 1998.Click here to view article

04.14.06 “Builders Tap Into Popularity Of Wine To Add Value, Increase Sales’
Houston Business Journal by Jost Lunstroth

“If anything else, a nice wine cellar provides an additional feature to a home that normally is not equipped with this feature, and it can potentially be the deciding factor in the sale of a home,” he says. “To me that is very important, not to mention that they look amazing and they range in size and price so they can be designed for the specific price and size of the home.”Click here to view article or launch image

07.17.05 “Inside the Loop Builder in Houston Offering Wine Rooms in New Homes” Press Release by Jost Lunstroth

Climate controlled wine rooms are not just for mansions any more. Tricon Residential Construction and Design, an inside the loop builder, will be adding climate controlled wine rooms to a select group of their homes starting this summer. The climate controlled wine rooms were designed and will be built for Tricon by Vineyard Wine Cellars.

“Tricon is the only builder that we know of at this price point in Houston that is offering climate controlled wine rooms,” says Jost Lunstroth of Vineyard Wine Cellars. “In fact, they could be the only such builder in all of Texas.” Vineyard Wine Cellars designs and builds custom wine rooms in Houston, Austin and San Antonio.
Click here to view article or launch image

04.08.05 “Builders Sizing Up Homes In The Houston Heights”
Houston Business Journal by Christine Hall

“The Heights has a neighborhood feel to it and it is one that is really changing and improving every year,” Jose Berlanga says. “Values are coming up, but you can still find a good-sized lot for a very reasonable price. However, it is getting there — we feel it is going to catch up with some of the most developed neighborhoods in Houston.”Click here to view article or launch image

09.20.02 “New Homes In Houston Heights Transforming The Neighborhood”
Houston Business Journal by Matt Walter

For Tricon Homes, one of the largest builders in the area, renovating the Heights with an emphasis on history and tradition is a primary objective, company founder José Berlanga says.

“We try to buy pieces of property where we can improve the street,” he says. “We go in and find tear-downs and old warehouses. The neighborhood is still very mixed and spotty, and we are trying to clean it up.” Click here to view article or launch image

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